We also deliver a full suite of other Geotechnical services and testing including:

  • Soil Testing / Site Classification Reports – Soil testing for all projects big or small, we have you covered. Pools as well!
  • Geotechnical Assessments / Landslip Risk Assessments – Assessments to meet council requirements for Erosion Management Overlays (EMO).
  • Full Geotechnical Site Investigations – For when your project falls outside the scope of AS2870 – 2011.
  • Basement Investigations – Does your development or project have a basement, cellar or carstacker? We can provide the required testing and deeper drilling.
  • Percolation Testing – For onsite stormwater dispersal.
  • Land Capability Assessments (LCA) – For onsite waste water management – for areas not connected to mains sewer.
  • Cracked Building Investigations – Cracked brickwork? We can investigate possible causes, and provide recommendations for remediation.
  • Footing Probes – We can measure you structures existing footing and assess the founding material, often completed as part of upper storey additions, when you have a wall on one of your boundaries, or at your engineers request.
  • Geotechnical Drilling & Fieldwork Only Services – We provide geotechnical drilling – logging – footing probes – spot level – DCP – Moistures services to other engineering and geotechnical consultancies.
  • Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) & Wind Load Ratings
  • Geological Services for Mining and Exploration
  • Spot Levels

All works completed by qualified professional Engineering Geologists

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