Do you have an upcoming new property development or renovation project in Ballarat?

Soil testing is a crucial first step in any construction project to determine the sites classification & bearing capacity as well as to identify the physical composition of the soil, which will affect the overall design and cost of construction. 

Due to the different types of land in Ballarat and the varying soil conditions for each suburb, it’s imperative to engage professional soil testing services before commencing any kind of construction project.


Do I need to do soil testing for my development in Ballarat?

Examples of construction and renovation projects that require soil testing include the following:

  • Extensions to existing houses
  • New residential developments
  • Upper storey additions/extensions
  • Sheds or garages
  • Pools
  • Fences
  • Retaining walls
  • Dual occupancy
  • Decks


What does a soil test involve?

In a standard soil test, boreholes are drilled in multiple locations of the site by qualified engineering geologists or geotechnical engineers. Once the samples are tested, a site classification report is created to document the results and provide footing recommendations.


What are the different soil classifications?

  • Class A: Stable, non-reactive, possibly very little or no ground movement (usually sand and rock sites)
  • Class S: Possibly slight ground movement (usually sandy or silty sites)
  • Class M: Possibly moderate ground movement (usually clay sites)
  • Class H (1+2): Possibly high to very high ground movement (usually clay sites)
  • Class E: Possibly extreme ground movement
  • Class P: Problem sites, sites with trees, existing structures, paving, services or filling etc. 


How long does soil testing take?

Depending on the size of the site, ease of access, and the number of soil samples required, it can take 30 mins to a few hours to drill holes and document relevant site features. A Site Classification Report is usually available within a few days of the site visit for residential projects. 


How much will a soil test cost?

The cost of soil testing depends on a number of factors:

  • Site location
  • Ease of access to the site
  • The type of testing required (residential or commercial)
  • The number of tests required
  • Additional customer requirements

To find out how much it will cost to do soil testing on your Ballarat site, contact us for more information or to get a free quote!


Why Choose Smolders Geotechnical for Your Soil Testing in Ballarat?

Smolders Geotechnical specialises in professional soil testing and geotechnical investigations in Ballarat and surrounding suburbs. Our team of licensed engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers provide a wide range of expert services that are fast, responsive, and comprehensive.  

A professional and accurate soil report is essential for a successful construction project. When you engage Smolders Geotechnical, you can be assured that our soil test will produce a thorough site classification report that includes on-site soil conditions, accurate site classification, and the necessary footing recommendations to prevent any potential construction problems.

All works completed by qualified professional Engineering Geologists

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